Warren Zevon - The Broadcast Archives - 3 CD Set

Warren Zevon - The Broadcast Archives - 3 CD Set

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BOXED SET COLLECTION OF THE FINEST WARREN ZEVON LIVE PERFORMANCES This triple CD boxed set celebrates the music and performances of Warren, featuring as it does a trio of the finest broadcast recordings available by this Chicago born all-rounder. Kicking off with an early recording made in- studio, on October 13th 1976, for the legendary Coffee Break Concert series, broadcast every Wednesday morning at 11AM by Radio WMMS Cleveland. This performance, that includes both acoustic music and chat, remains one of the best episodes of all from this long running series. Disc 2 includes Zevon s stunning show at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA, in July 1978. Recorded while he was promoting his classic Excitable Boy album, released earlier that year, the set nevertheless contains an exceptional variety of the great man s tunes past and (then) present. This collection concludes on Disc Three almost 15 years later, when Warren was back in Cleveland - this time at the Empire Concert Club - promoting Mr Bad Example, released October 91, with an extraordinary recording made for FM transmission too, on 5th January 1992.

Track Listings

Disc: 1

1 Excitable Boy
2 Interview 1
3 Desperados Under the Eaves
4 Interview 2
5 Simple Man, Simple Dream
6 Interview 3
7 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
8 Interview 4
9 Mohammed's Radio
10 Interview 5
11 Cindy, Cindy
12 Interview 6
13 Mama Couldn't Be Persuaded
14 Interview 7
15 Hasten Down the Wind
16 Interview 8
17 Excitable Boy (Reprise)

Disc: 2

1 Intro
2 Johnny Strikes Up the Band
3 Tenderness On the Block
4 Mohammed's Radio
5 Excitable Boy
6 Werewolves of London
7 Accidentally Like a Martyr
8 Introducing the Band
9 Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
10 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
11 Lawyers, Guns and Money
12 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Disc: 3

1 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
2 Play It All Night Long
3 Poor Poor Pitiful Me
4 Mr. Bad Example
5 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
6 First We Take Manhattan
7 Detox Mansion
8 Boom Boom Mancini
9 Excitable Boy
10 Model Citizen
11 The Envoy
12 Jungle Work
13 Searching for a Heart
14 That's Amore
15 Werewolves of London
16 Into the Mystic
17 Lawyers, Guns and Money