The Eagles - Box - Legendary Broadcasts - 6 CD Box Set

The Eagles - Box - Legendary Broadcasts - 6 CD Box Set

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This powerful 6 (!!) disc-set brings together the most important live radio broadcasts by THE EAGLES in the period from 1976 to 1995 and illustrates perfectly the transition of all Eagles members; including Hotel California, Take It Easy, Desperado and many more.

CD 1: 1976

1. New Kid In Town 12. New Kid In Town 23. Paradise (early version of The Last Resort)4. Big Night (early version of Hotel California)5. After The Thrill Is Gone6. Take It To The Limit 17. Take It To The Limit 28. Banshee vs. C.N.9. Fellini10. Already Gone11. A Bull Pig12. Wasted Time

CD 2: 1974

1. Peaceful Easy Feeling 2. Already Gone 3. Good Day In Hell 4. Silver Threads And Golden Needles 5. Desperado 6. It Doesn't Matter Anymore 7. Midnight Flyer 8. Twenty One 9. Old '55 10. Baby Turn Down Your Radio 11. Looking Into You 12. James Dean 13. Doolin-Dalton 14. Doolin Dalton-Desperado 15. Take It Easy

CD 3: 19761. Hotel California2. Lyin' Eyes3. Wasted Time4. Take It To The Limit5. Desperado

6. Midnight Flyer7. Turn To Stone8. Already Gone9. One Of These Nights10. Funk #4911. Fork In The Road12. Rocky Mountain Way13. Witchy Woman14. James Dean

CD 4: 1994

1. Peaceful Easy Feeling2. Best of My Love3. Tequila Sunrise4. Help Me Thru The Night5. The Heart Of The Matter6. Love Will Keep Us Alive7. Learn To Be Still8. Hotel California9. Wasted Time10. Wasted Time Reprise11. Lover's Moon12. Pretty Maids All In A Row13. Walk Away14. Tequila Sunrise15. Best Of My Love

CD 5: 1994

1. I Can't Tell You Why2. The Girl From Yesterday3. New York Minute4. The Last Resort5. Take It Easy6. One Of These Nights7. In The City8. Heartache Tonight9. Life In The Fast Lane10. Get Over It11. Desperado

CD 6: 1995

1. All She Wants to Do Is Dance2. Heartache Tonight3. Life in the Fast Lane4. Get Over It5. Amazing Grace6. Rocky Mountain Way7. Already Gone8. Desperado9. Take It EasyRunning Time: 404:00 min.