Rory Gallagher - Box - 6 CD Set

Rory Gallagher - Box - 6 CD Set

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Rory Gallagher is one of the most popular musicians in blues and rock. Gallagher sold over thirty million albums worldwide, it was his marathon live performances that won him greatest acclaim. He was voted in the Rolling Stone magazine as one of the top guitarists of all times.
This excellent 6 (!) compact discs box set contains FM broadcast recordings from the 70s, 80s and 90s.


Disco 1

1Double Vision (Budapest 1985,Part I)
2Mississippi Sheiks
3Bad Penny
4I Wonder Who
5Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
7Bought And Sold
8Off The Handle

Disco 2

1Tattoo'd Lady (Budapest 1985, Part II)
2Out On The Western Plain
3Walkin' Blues
4Bankar's Blues
6Secret Agent
7All Around Man
8Bullfrog Blues
9Dizzy Miss Lizzy
10Messin' With The Kid
11If You Ever Change Your Mind - Bring It On Home

Disco 3

1Messin' With The Kid (Kansas City, 1974)
2Cradle Rock/ Just a Little Bit
3I Wonder Who
4Tattoo'd Lady
5Walk On Hot Coals
6Hands Off
8All Around Man
9Too Much Alcohol
10Pistol Slapper Blues
11Goin' To My Hometown

Disco 4

1Continental Op (Bonn 1992)
3I Wonder Who
4The Loop
5Off The Handle
6Tattoo'd Lady

Disco 5

1Shadow Play
2Don't Start Me Talkin'
4Dust My Broom
5Messin' With The Kid
6Just Like A Woman
8Used To Be
9Should've Learnt My Lesson
10Out Of My Mind
11I Could Have Had Religion
12Crest Of A Wave
13Messin' With The Kid

Disco 6

1I Take What I Want (New York, 1976)
2Messin' With The Kid
3Too Much Alcohol
4Out On The Western Plain
5Ain't Too Good
6Walk On Hot Coals
7Tattoo'd Lady
8Bullfrog Blues