Jim Reeves - Milestones of a country legend - 10 CD Boxset

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10 CD box set featuring fifteen original albums plus bonus several dozen bonus songs from the years 1956-62 by the country star Jim Reeves. It includes romantic hits in the Nashville sound, from "Adios Amigo" to "Memories Are Made of This". His first single, "Mexican Joe" made it to number one of the Country Charts in 1953, and so he came to the attention of the record company RCA. There followed a long series of hits featuring his velvety baritone voice such as "According To My Heart" and "He'll Have To Go". In 1967 he was posthumously awarded the highest honour that country music can give, by being admitted to the Country Music Hall of Fame.


  1. Roly Poly
  2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  3. Breeze (Blow My Baby Back to Me)
  4. Waltzing on Top of the World
  5. Oklahoma Hills
  6. Love Me a Little Bit More
  7. Tweedle O'Twill
  8. Each Time You Leave
  9. Ichabod Crane
  10. Your Old Love Letters
  11. Beyond the Shadow Of a Doubt
  12. Highway to Nowhere
  13. Bimbo
  14. How Many
  15. Echo Bonita
  16. Where Does a Broken Heart Go
  17. Penny Candy
  18. Mother Went A-Walkin'
  19. Mexican Joe
  20. Then I'll Stop Loving You
  21. Drinking Tequila
  22. Gypsy Heart
  23. What Were You Doing Last Night
  24. Let Me Love You a Little
  25. Teardrops in My Heart
  26. I Get the Blues When It Rains
  27. You Belong to Me
  28. Everywhere You Go
  29. Need Me
  30. I Care No More
  31. My Happiness
  32. Yours
  33. That's My Desire
  34. Blues in My Heart
  35. I Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore
  36. Final Affair
  37. Marie
  38. Mona Lisa
  39. My Juanita
  40. Charmaine
  41. Margie
  42. Anna Marie
  43. Sweet Sue, Just You
  44. Linda
  45. Ramona
  46. Maria Elena
  47. My Mary
  48. Good Night Irene
  49. How Long Has It Been
  50. A Beautiful Life
  51. Teach Me How to Pray
  52. In the Garden
  53. The Flowers, the Sunset, the Trees
  54. It Is No Secret
  55. Padre of Old San Antone
  56. Precious Memories
  57. Suppertime
  58. Whispering Hope
  59. Evening Prayer
  60. God Be With You
  61. Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)
  62. Just Call Me Lonesome
  63. (Now and Then There's) A Fool Such As I
  64. `Til the End of the World
  65. How's the World Treating You
  66. Throw another Log on the Fire
  67. Making Believe
  68. Satan Can't Hold Me
  69. Am I Losing You
  70. Scarlet Ribbons
  71. Dear Hearts and Gentle People
  72. May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You
  73. Dark Moon
  74. Oh, How I Miss You Tonight
  75. Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me
  76. I'm Getting' Better
  77. Almost
  78. You're Free to Go
  79. You're the Only Good Thing (That's Happened to Me)
  80. Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  81. No One to Cry To
  82. I Was Just Walkin' out the Door
  83. Room Full of Roses
  84. We Could
  85. According to My Heart
  86. Don't You Want to Be My Girl (Poor Little Doll)
  87. Don't Tell Me
  88. You'll Never Be Mine Again
  89. I've Lived a Lot in My Time
  90. If You Were Mine
  91. Don't Ask Me Why
  92. Stand at Your Window
  93. What Would You Do
  94. I Can't Fly
  95. He'll Have to Go
  96. I Love You More
  97. Wishful Thinking
  98. Honey Won't You Please Come Home
  99. I'm Beginning to Forget You
  100. Billy Bayou
  101. If Heartache Is the Fashion
  102. Partners
  103. Theme of Love (I Love to Say I Love You)
  104. I'd Like to Be
  105. After Awhile
  106. Home
  107. The Blizzard
  108. The Streets of Laredo
  109. That Silver-Haired Daddy of Mine
  110. Rodger Young
  111. The Fool's Paradise
  112. It's Nothin' to Me
  113. The Mighty Everglades
  114. Danny Boy
  115. The Letter Edged In Black
  116. The Tie That Binds
  117. The Wreck of the Number Nine
  118. Trouble in the Amen Corner
  119. I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In
  120. Annabel Lee
  121. The Gun
  122. The Farmer and the Lord
  123. The Shifting Whispering Sands
  124. Old Tige
  125. Why Do I Love You (Melody of Love)
  126. (Far Away Feeling) The Spell of the Yukon
  127. Men with Broken Hearts
  128. Too Many Parties and Too Many Pals
  129. Seven Days
  130. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
  131. There's Always Me
  132. Just Walking in the Rain
  133. Be Honest With Me
  134. Welcome to My World
  135. (It's No) Sin
  136. I Fall To Pieces
  137. Am I That Easy to Forget
  138. Blue Skies
  139. All Dressed Up and Lonely
  140. Wild Rose
  141. I'm a Fool to Care
  142. We Thank Thee
  143. Where We'll Never Grew Old
  144. I'll Fly Away
  145. Across the Bridge
  146. Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  147. My Cathedral
  148. The Night Watch
  149. I'd Rather Have Jesus
  150. Where Do I Go From Here
  151. Take My Hand Precious Lord
  152. This World Is Not My Home
  153. Oh, Gentle Shepherd
  154. A Railroad Bum
  155. Blue Side of Lonesome
  156. Waitin' for a Train
  157. I Won't Forget You
  158. My Lips Are Sealed
  159. Most of the Time
  160. When Two Worlds Collide
  161. Yonder Comes a Sucker
  162. A Fallen Star
  163. Highway to Nowhere
  164. Memories Are Made of This
  165. Roses Are Red (My Love)
  166. After Loving You
  167. Stand in
  168. Waltzing on Top of the World
  169. When You Are Gone
  170. Just Out of Reach
  171. I Love You Because
  172. I'd Fight the World
  173. The One That Got Away
  174. Once Upon a Time
  175. I Never Pass There Anymore
  176. My Heart's Like a Welcome Mat
  177. Teardrops of Regret
  178. I Could Cry
  179. El Rancho Del Rio
  180. It's Hard to Love Just One
  181. Butterfly Love
  182. Let Me Love You Just a Little
  183. Wagon Load of Love
  184. Beatin' on a Ding Dong
  185. The Wilder Your Heart Beats
  186. I Love You
  187. My Rambling Heart
  188. Red Eyed and Rowdy
  189. Give Me One More Kiss
  190. I'm Hurtin' inside
  191. I'll Follow You
  192. Are You the One
  193. Hillbilly Waltz
  194. Pickin' a Chicken
  195. The Mother of a Honky Tonk Girl
  196. Look behind You
  197. Young Hearts
  198. Four Walls
  199. Two Shadows on Your Window
  200. Overnight
  201. Blue Boy
  202. In a Mansion Stands My Love
  203. I Missed Me
  204. I Know One
  205. Am I Losing You
  206. What Would You Do
  207. (How Can I Write On Paper) What I Feel In My Heart
  208. Losing Your Love
  209. Is This Me
  210. I'm Gonna Change Everything
  211. Adios Amigo
  212. Pride Goes Before a Fall
  213. A Letter to My Heart
  214. Tahiti
  215. Bolandse Nooientjie (Beautiful Dreamer)
  216. Ek Verlang Na Jou
  217. Die Ou Kalahari