Fleetwood Mac - Original albums Series - 5 CD Box Set
Fleetwood Mac - Original albums Series - 5 CD Box Set

Fleetwood Mac - Original albums Series - 5 CD Box Set

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Five essential albums from Fleetwood Mac's blues-fuelled early days with Peter Green, featuring Then Play OnKiln House, Future Games, Bare Trees and Mystery to Me.

Disc: 1

1 Coming Your Way (Lp Version)
2 Closing My Eyes (Lp Version)
3 Show-Biz Blues (Lp Version)
4 My Dream (Lp Version)
5 Underway (Lp Version)
6 Oh Well - Pt. 1 (Lp Version)
7 Although The Sun Is Shining (Lp Version)
8 Rattlesnake Shake (Lp Version)
9 Searching For Madge (Lp Version)
10 Fighting For Madge (Lp Version)
11 When You Say (Lp Version)
12 Like Crying (Lp Version)
13 Before The Beginning (Lp Version)

Disc: 2

1 This Is A Rock (Lp Version)
2 Station Man (Lp Version)
3 Blood On The Floor (Lp Version)
4 Hi Ho Silver (Lp Version)
5 Jewel Eyed Judy (Lp Version)
6 Buddy'S Song (Lp Version)
7 Earl Gray (Lp Version)
8 One Together (Lp Version)
9 Tell Me All The Things You Do (Lp Version)
10 Mission Bell (Lp Version)

Disc: 3

1 Woman Of A 1000 Years (Lp Version)
2 Morning Rain (Lp Version)
3 What A Shame (Lp Version)
4 Future Games (Lp Version)
5 Sands Of Time (Lp Version)
6 Sometimes (Lp Version)
7 Lay It All Down (Lp Version)
8 Show Me A Smile (Lp Version)

Disc: 4

1 Child Of Mine (Lp Version)
2 The Ghost (Lp Version)
3 Homeward Bound (Lp Version)
4 Sunny Side Of Heaven (Lp Version)
5 Bare Trees (Lp Version)
6 Sentimental Lady (Lp Version)
7 Danny'S Chant (Lp Version)
8 Spare Me A Little Of Your Love (Lp Version)
9 Dust (Lp Version)
10 Thoughts On A Grey Day (Lp Version)

Disc: 5

1 Emerald Eyes (Lp Version)
2 Believe Me (Lp Version)
3 Just Crazy Love (Lp Version)
4 Hypnotized (Lp Version)
5 Forever (Lp Version)
6 Keep Going On (Lp Version)
7 The City (Lp Version)
8 Miles Away (Lp Version)
9 Somebody (Lp Version)
10 The Way I Feel (Lp Version)
11 For Your Love (Lp Version)
12 Why (Lp Version)