Arthur Big Boy Crudup - If A Get Lucky - 4 CD Box Set

Arthur Big Boy Crudup - If A Get Lucky - 4 CD Box Set

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Not only was this Mississippi singer/guitarist a revered bluesman, but he famously played a role in the birth or rock ’n’ roll, as Crudup super-fan Elvis Presley covered three of his classic cuts: "That’s All Right," "So Glad You’re Mine" and "My Baby Left Me." This comprehensive collection contains over four hours of original recordings, remastered and joined by detailed notes and vintage photos. The three aforementioned tracks are here with "Death Valley Blues," "If I Get Lucky," "Mean Old Frisco Blues," "Cool Disposition," "Katie Mae," "Chicago Blues," "Tired of Worry," "Mercy Blues," "Never No More," "Keep On Drinkin’," "Greyhound Bus," "Ethel Mae," "Come Back Baby" and more!


Tracks on Disc 1:

  • 1.Black Pony Blues
  • 2.Death Valley Blues
  • 3.Kind Lover Blues
  • 4.If I Get Lucky
  • 5.Standing at My Window
  • 6.Gonna Follow My Baby
  • 7.Give Me a 32-20
  • 8.My Mama Don't Allow Me
  • 9.Mean Ols Frisco Blues
  • 10.Raised to My Hand
  • 11.Cool Disposition
  • 12.Who's Been Fooling You
  • 13.Rock Me Mama
  • 14.Keep You Arms Around Me
  • 15.Dirt Road Blues
  • 16.I'm in the Mood
  • 17.That's Your Red Wagon
  • 18.She's Gone
  • 19.Ethel Mae
  • 20.So Glad You're Mine
  • 21.Boy Friend Blues
  • 22.No More Lovers
  • 23.You Got to Reap
  • 24.Chicago Blues
  • 25.Crudup's After Hours

Tracks on Disc 2:

  • 1.That's All Right
  • 2.I Want My Lovin'
  • 3.I Don't Know It
  • 4.Cry Your Blues Away
  • 5.Crudup's Vicksburg Blues
  • 6.Gonna Be Some Changes Made
  • 7.Train Fare Blues
  • 8.Katie Mae
  • 9.Hey Mama, Everthing's All Right
  • 10.Hoodoo Lady Blues
  • 11.Lonesome World to Me
  • 12.Roberta Blues
  • 13.Just Like a Spider
  • 14.Some Day
  • 15.That's Why I'm Lonesome
  • 16.Tired of Worry
  • 17.Dust My Broom
  • 18.Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
  • 19.Shout Sister Shout
  • 20.Come Back Baby
  • 21.You Know That I Love You
  • 22.Mercy Blues
  • 23.She's Just Like Caldonia
  • 24.Mean Old Santa Fe
  • 25.Behind Closed Doors
  • 26.She Ain't Nothin' But Trouble

Tracks on Disc 3:

  • 1.Oo-Wee Darling
  • 2.Anytime Is the Right Time
  • 3.My Baby Left Me
  • 4.Nobody Wants Me
  • 5.Star Bootlegger
  • 6.Too Much Competition
  • 7.Second Man Blues
  • 8.Pearly Lee
  • 9.Love Me Mama
  • 10.Never No More
  • 11.Where Did You Stay Last Night
  • 12.I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole
  • 13.I'm Gonna Dig Myself a Hole
  • 14.Goin' Back to Georgia
  • 15.Mr So and So
  • 16.Do It if You Want To
  • 17.Keep On Drinkin'
  • 18.Worried About You Baby
  • 19.Late in the Evening
  • 20.Lookin' for My Baby
  • 21.Nelvina
  • 22.My Baby Boogies All the Time
  • 23.I Wonder
  • 24.Baby I've Been Mistreated
  • 25.You Didn't Mean a Word

Tracks on Disc 4:

  • 1.Gotta Find My Baby
  • 2.Make a Little Love (With Me)
  • 3.Gotta Find My Baby
  • 4.I Love My Baby
  • 5.My Wife and Women
  • 6.The War Is Over
  • 7.Fall On Your Knees and Pray
  • 8.If You Ever Been to Georgia
  • 9.Help Me to Bear This Heavy Load
  • 10.I Love You
  • 11.She's Got No Hair
  • 12.Katie Mae
  • 13.Dig Myself a Hole
  • 14.Rock Me Mama
  • 15.Mean Ole Frisco
  • 16.That's Alright
  • 17.Too Much Competition
  • 18.Coal Black Mare
  • 19.Look On Yonder Wall
  • 20.Ethel Mae
  • 21.Standing at My Window
  • 22.Greyhound Bus
  • 23.So Glad You're Mine
  • 24.Looka There, She's Got No Hair
  • 25.I Love Her Just the Same
  • 26.Gotta Find My Baby Alt