Alice Cooper - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set
Alice Cooper - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set

Alice Cooper - Original Album Series - 5 CD Box Set

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Known for shocking stage shows and dark subject matter, Alice Cooper has never failed to make a strong impact. The peak of Alice Cooper's success was the timeless UK chart topper ‘School's Out', on the 1972 album of the same name. This collection contains all five Alice Cooper albums up to and including School's Out.

The first two albums are psychedelic, unlike the grotesque rock usually associated with Alice Cooper; the style develops through Love It To Death (featuring the hits ‘I'm Eighteen,' and ‘Ballad Of Dwight Fry') and Killer (the album containing ‘Under My Wheels'). As the style changes from the sound of the 60s rock to growling metal with themes usually found in the 80s, the band transform from an ordinary band to one that was far ahead of its time.

Disc: 1

1 Titanic Overture
2 10 Minutes Before the Worm
3 Sing Low, Sweet Cheerio
4 Today Mueller
5 Living
6 Fields of Regret
7 No Longer Umpire
8 Levity Ball
9 B.B. On Mars
10 Reflected
11 Apple Bush
12 Earwigs to Eternity
13 Changing Arranging

Disc: 2

1 Mr. & Misdemeanor
2 Shoe Salesman
3 Still No Air
4 Below Your Means
5 Return of the Spiders
6 Laughing at Me
7 Refrigerator Heaven
8 Beautiful Flyaway
9 Lay Down and Die, Goodbye

Disc: 3

1 Caught in a Dream
2 I'm Eighteen
3 Long Way to Go
4 Black Juju
5 Is It My Body
6 Hallowed Be My Name
7 Second Coming
8 Ballad of Dwight Fry
9 Sun Arise

Disc: 4

1 Under My Wheels
2 Be My Lover
3 Halo of Flies
4 Desperado
5 You Drive Me Nervous
6 Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
7 Dead Babies
8 Killer

Disc: 5

1 School's Out
2 Luney Tune
3 Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets
4 Street Fight
5 Blue Turk
6 My Stars
7 Public Animal #9
8 Alma Mater
9 Grande Finale